Folklore costumes

Čermná folk costume dates back to the 1920s. It comes from Podorlicko folk costume and has elements of Litomyšl folk costume too. They both were poor regions.

Folk Dance Performance Group Jitřenka Description of a festive folk costume

Woman’s costume

White shirt

White canvas shirt with wide sleeves and industrially produced lace. A low-cut round neckline frilled with a white drawstring and decorated with another lace.

Bodice (kordulka)

Bodice is made of canvas, one-coloured, with simple embroidery only, stiffened with boning. It is lace fastened at the front. The back part is finished with stuffed bustles (honzíky) on which the skirt lies to get the bulk at the hips that was in vogue at the time.


Skirt is wide, gathered, made of canvas, checked and multicoloured.


Apron stretches from one hip to another hip, it is white, decorated with the same lace as the shirt and embroidered with carmine thread, the original embroidery pattern is simplified.


Petticoat is short or long, terminated either by lace or Madeira embroidery.

Red stockings

Red colour of stockings is bright; fine art of white embroidery is sometimes used on ankles, cream or other subdue colours might be used too.

Low black shoes

Shoes are black, leather, low heel, with a thin strap across the instep.


They wore their hair in one or two plaits finished and embellished with red ribbon bows at their ends.

Red beads

The attire is accessorized with a string of red beads.

Man’s costume


A white shirt with frilled sleeves and a folded collar under which a colourful scarf is tied.


The colour of waistcoat is natural. the fabric is canvas. Waistcoat is decorated with a row of convex buttons and its buttonholes are hand sewn with a simple and coloured stitch pattern.


Trousers are made of dyed duvetyn or dark brown hard-wearing canvas; they have an attached button fall-front. They are tied with a string under the knee. At one side they are decorated with a tie ribbon.

Wide ornate belt

A dark belt with a dark brown embroidery.


Scarf is colourful; it is often one part of a square scarf which was cut in half (poloušek); it is tied under a shirt collar.

White knee-high stockings (štumpny)

White knee-high stockings made of yarn; sometimes embroidered; they actually reach above the knee.

Black high boots

Black high leather boots.

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