In the present have Jitřenka 25 members.

Various repertoireof chorus line, which has been created by Yvona Rybová, derives mainly from well-preserved regional sources of collectors´ folk songs and dances, mostly from Rychnov and Žamberk regions. In their own adaptations they include choreography of the whole varieties or single dances, typical for eastern Bohemia such as mateniky, obkročáky (Bohemian folk dances), chaffs, mazura or razor.

In this time new music for the group is being created.

Long-lasting Jitřenka´s activity has been supported by a rank of important businessmen, Pardubice region and especially by the municipality of Dolní Čermná. Thanks to their help it is possible to continue to develop and keep traditional folk culture in songs and dances even for next generations.

The chorus has been managed by Yvona Rybová since its establishing.

Jitřenka performs at folklore festivals and also at cultural events.

We have many years of experience, we can build a program, to adapt you as much as possible.

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