The folklore chorus line Jitřenka originally arouse as children’s chorus apart the local Primary School in Dolní Čermná. Its birth is closely related to Čermenské slavnosti. In the role of organizer we decided to establish the children's chorus in 1995. It should have become a regularly performing host chorus line, simultaneously pick up folk customs and traditions in our region and develop them.

Various repertoireof chorus line, which has been created by Yvona Rybová, derives mainly from well-preserved regional sources of collectors´ folk songs and dances, mostly from Rychnov and Žamberk regions. In their own adaptations they include choreography of the whole varieties or single dances, typical for eastern Bohemia such as mateníky, obkročáky (Bohemian folk dances), chaffs, mazura or razor.

After the twentieth anniversary of Jitrenka´s birth some older members came back to the chorus line ranks and a significant shift to the older chorus was done.

The chorus has been managed by Yvona Rybova since its establishing.

Jitřenka performs not only in folk festivals but also in different cultural events. It offers dancing presentations in some bashes or various cultural actions, meetings and so on.

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